It’s the best of the best.

Why iFamiLove Duvet?

a super-light, lofty, soft and plump quilt.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

High quality Down

From 45° N-60 °N gold down belt, pure air and extremely cold temperature create uniform down, plump down, light and delicate high cold goose down.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

95% large goose down.

It is taken from the large villi with more than 95% velvet content in the belly of the white goose down.Each goose can only get 30g or so large goose down, enough to see its precious.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

Warm air storage chamber

Through the box design, quilted and shaped, forming a relatively independent air bin. Checkered down distribution is more even, feel fluffy. Vertical high process, contain more still air, vertical lining process, effectively reduce heat loss. Work both ways to create a warm and comfortable bed.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

High Filling Power

The heat preservation index of down products is the volume of every 30g of down in the standard quilt. The higher the value, the higher the heat energy and the better the heat preservation.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

1000+ Cleanliness

The world's advanced down soaking and anti-virus equipment is adopted, and the 33 water washing process greatly reduces the oil residue in the down, making each down more clean.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

Standard strict

Raw material advantage is not all of us, the use of more advanced down and down washing technology, can make good raw materials into screaming good down.

WHY iFamiLove Duvet?

Quiet sleep

Super soft fabric, turn over friction without sound, enjoy a quiet night's sleep.